1SXC-127 (1SXC-127)

  • .Dimension: 8.45mm*111.4mm
  • .Color: Black, Red, Blue
1SXC-127 1SXC-127 1SXC-127

Enhanced touch Stylus (1SXC-226)

Enhanced Touch is designed for accurate writing, unlike anything else in the market. Enhanced Touch makes your touch super sensitive, making writing easy on any touch device. The material on the tip is made of a special material and crafted with a unique shape, which means it’s durable. Because the material is completely conductive, it will not wear out, even after years of use.

  • .Dimension: 9.9mm x 123.3mm. (tip: 7.4)
  • .Color: Blue, Black, and Sliver.
Enhanced touch Stylus Enhanced touch Stylus Enhanced touch Stylus

1SXE-003 (1SXE-003)

  • .Dimension: 10.1mm*109.2mm
  • .Color: Black
1SXE-003 1SXE-003 1SXE-003

Plastic Stylus (2mm Tip) (1SXE-011)

Sense 2.0. another design of adjustable sense works among most of the capacitive touch device on the market. The new feature Adjustable High & Low power input feature, allows user to manually adjust the stylus to operate on device with Tempered glass protection.

  • .Dimension: 6.6 mm x 111.2mm
  • .Color: Black
Plastic Stylus (2mm Tip) Plastic Stylus (2mm Tip) Plastic Stylus (2mm Tip)